iPhone 4S Pink Diamond

“Mobile phones”, the word itself is capable of saying it all. The present day people cannot imagine their lives without these handy gadgets. Cell phones have become such an indispensible part of the day to day lives that one cannot even think of living without them. Apart from being highly functional, cell phones also act as one of the main mediums of displaying the high class opulence. Blinged cell phones are the demand of the modern day rich world. iPhone 4S, which is seen as the most technologically advanced smartphone, is also a symbol of luxury for many. Blinging this handset can be one of the better ways to make it even luxurious.

A good number of companies from all around the world are trying their hands at making this smartphone even smarter. A similar successful attempt was made by the Sun & Moon Jewelry Studio. iPhone Pink Diamond is the successful byproduct of Sun & Moon, which is specially designed while keeping in mind the need and requirements of the rich class girls. This cell phone has been described as the core designer product of the Sun & Moon and is worth every penny spent in acquiring the same.

The casual Home key of the Apple iPhone 4S has been replaced with an amazingly cut large princess diamond. The metallic frame of the device features a special micropave technology. 850 amazingly cut diamonds are scattered all over the case, along with an 18 carat gold inlay. The weight of all the diamonds scattered on the cell phone is around 4.3 carats. The metal appears hidden under the beauty of the diamonds. The diamonds are beautifully cut by Belgian masters, laureates of a popular European Gem Cutting competition.

The rear panel of the cell phone is beautified by a velvety white wood essence and is adorned with some more app-applebeautiful rare pink diamonds. The apple symbol is specially designed from a gold metalloid, better known as Rubedo. The symbol is in turn crafted with the natural pew dawn sky color and is lighted by rays of the rising sun. This metalloid is an ideal combination of various alloys. The cell phone is set to be priced at $12,000 and you ought to plan your budget carefully for purchasing this classy handset.

So, if you are looking forward to purchase a new luxury cell phone for your girl, then this Sun & Moon’s iPhone 4S Pink Diamond is a perfect gadget for you.

Motorola PEBL Rose Bloom Cell Phone: For your sweetheart

Are you planning to give a unique and classy gift to your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day? Are you a bit confused about making a right selection from a multitude options? If yes, then reading the article further can be highly beneficial for you. With the increasing trend of luxurious and high class cell phones, every cell phone maker is trying to capture the luxury cell phone industry in their very own unique manners. Motorola has also made such an attempt to steal the show by launching the Motorola PEBL Rose Bloom. This cell phone is specially made for the female admirers of immaculate beauty. You can gift this all new Rose Bloom handset to your love of life on the coming day of love in order to make her realize how special she is.


The Motorola PEBL Rose Bloom is a small cutesy egg like clamshell cell phone, with a beautiful rose drawing on the up front centre of the flap cover. The rose drawing is the main highlight of the cell phone, which draws the attention of a good number of luxury cell phone admirers. There is no such other point of attracting in the cell phone, at least for the male group of the society. However the opposite sex can find a good number of elements of prime importance and classiness in the cell phone. The cell phone is loaded with some Valentine’s Day stuff including love songs, wallpapers, themes and much more.

Talking about the inner specs, there is nothing such feature of utmost importance that makes the cell phone popular in the luxury class. The main selling point of this handset is the cool fashion centric appearance. The outer lid is modified into a touch sensitive panel for increased user experience. The handset comes with a 3.5mm stereo jack for enhanced music experience, a high quality 2 megapixel camera, fully loaded Mp3 player, Bluetooth connectivity and data transfer rate upto 7.2 Mbps HSDPA.

Being loaded with normal stuff, the price of the handset won’t burn a hole in the pocket of the buyer. Though it will be priced a bit higher than the other handsets of similar style, but it will be kept in the range of a good pocketed person. You will be getting some stylish accessories along with this cell phone including a pretty headphone, data cable and a Bluetooth headset.

So, if you want to express your love towards your partner in a unique way, then gifting the all new Motorola PEBL Rose Bloom cell phone is the best option.

More Diamond Phones! 17 carats!

The cell phone users being attracted by chic features is an event of past now. These days, cell phones have become gadgets for showcasing the high class opulence of a person, rather than being mere sources of communication. The need of cell phones as style enhancing gadgets has led to the birth of the luxury cell phone industry. With the growing demand of the luxury cell phones among the high class people, major fashion players and other big names are jumping into the industry. Ulysse Nardin is one such names in the world of big brands, which is now also associated with the luxury cell phone making. Mainly popular as watchmakers all around the globe, Ulysse Narding has come up with an all new and classy collection of luxury cell phones under the name of Chairman Collection.

Apart from all the other UN Cells opulent phones, the Ulysse Nardin Chairman Diamond and Black Edition is one of the top choices of the elite class people. The Diamond and Black Edition possess the mechanical intricacy as expected in addition to a 2.8 inch multi-touch screen, an amazing 5 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi support, e-mail browser and a biometric finger print locking and unlocking. For the first time in the entire cell phone industry, the Chairman cell phone feature a fully functional mechanical watch rotor, incorporated into the artistic design of the watch. The watch operates with the help of the power received from the force of the rotor. Moreover, the battery is charged by the kinetic energy of the rotor.

At present this amazing cell phone is at display at all the Ulysse Nardin watch outlets and only a 100 pieces of this spectacular handset each year will be made available for the rich class people. The price is not yet revealed by the company, but it will surely be worth the features and the classy appearance of the handset. This edition is known to be the most luxurious handset collection in comparison to all the other UN Cells handsets. This amazing phone is studded with a whooping count of 3000 round cut diamonds, totaling to around 17 carats.

The handset is also adorned by an amazing scratch proof screen made of sapphire glass. The rotor window is also made of the same glass in order to provide longevity to the phone. The cell phone also has ceramic inlayed keys in order to provide a special tactile feel.

So, if you wish to be a proud possessor of the Ulysse Nardin Chairman Diamond and Black Edition, then you should pre-order the same as soon as possible.

Diamond Encrusted iPhone sold to Prince in Arabia

Just when you thought that you are the proud owner of the most advanced and luxurious cell phone, MJ Luxury Gifts stood up with its rarest of the smart phones, iPhone 4S Blue Diamond Rarest 2011 MJ Edition. Apple, being the leading innovator in the present day technological world, is one of the most sought after brands in the cell phone market. Apple, in itself, is a symbol of class for the people who are fond of immaculate beauty. MJ Luxury Gifts gave a stunning makeover to the signature product of Apple, iPhone 4S upon special request of a special person from Abu Dhabi. This makeover costed a whooping amount of $24 million. The main reason behind this increased cost was the use of rarest of the rare gems and precious stones.app-android

MJ Luxury Gifts is known to surpass the value of the tech toys and other items by making them highly luxurious. They are well known for turning something ordinary into something really exceptional with the help of their designing skills and creativity. Only a single copy of this smart phone was made by the luxury gifts maker and that too upon the request of a rich spoilt brat from Abu Dhabi. This luxury cell phone costed millions to the VIP client and enhanced his luxury by more than millions amongst his counterparts and the fellow socialites.

MJ Luxury Gifts have adorned the iPhone 4S Blue Diamond Rarest 2011 MJ Edition with gold, platinum and is decorated with rarest diamond, the uniquely cut blue diamond, in the world. What makes this smart phone even more luxurious is the amazing back panel, made from ammolite. Ammolite is the most expensive and oldest possible organic gem to be found on earth. The age of Ammolite counts to even beyond 70 million years back. Moreover, the royal carrying box of the luxury cell phone is made out of mammoth ivory and is decorates with painite, which is also one of rarest mineral on the earth.

MJ Luxury Gifts has made changes only in the external appearance of the cell phone. The inner specs are kept default as available in the factory made Apple iPhone 4S. You can find some additional videos, photos and apps loaded inside the smart phone. Rest inner specs are kept intact as per the factory made iPhone.

So, if you are in pursuit of a luxury smart phone, then the iPhone 4S Blue Diamond Rarest 2011 MJ Edition is a perfect masterpiece for you.

Thriving Adopting Business Ethics

We haven’t taken the time to adequately discuss some of the advantages that adopting can provide — perhaps because we tend to take it for granted. It attracts a whole culture of its own «everywhere», and it delivers a completely new feeling of balance. At the same time, however, adopting isn’t a simple procedure for everybody. Results could be significantly different from person to person, for example, or individuals could have contradictory ideas about what adopting is and should be. How can we meet expectations with adopting if we can’t even complete a project?

A number of people suggest England Business Ethics, a world-class adopting solution, as the answer. England Business Ethics has become more and more popular for a large number of individuals «when other issues fail. Whatever preconceived notions you have now, this article might change your perceptions.

England Business Ethics’s Competency Achieves A Specific Result

For a few important reasons, appreciating the usability of England Business Ethics’s competency ahead of time helps with understanding its power. Why is this? England Business Ethics’s competency is a critical development that responds to real situations. That said, another advantage of it is that Continue reading