iPhone 4S Pink Diamond

“Mobile phones”, the word itself is capable of saying it all. The present day people cannot imagine their lives without these handy gadgets. Cell phones have become such an indispensible part of the day to day lives that one cannot even think of living without them. Apart from being highly functional, cell phones also act as one of the main mediums of displaying the high class opulence. Blinged cell phones, which are viewed on You Tube often,  are the demand of the modern day rich world. iPhone 4S, which is seen as the most technologically advanced smartphone, is also a symbol of luxury for many. Blinging this handset can be one of the better ways to make it even luxurious.

A good number of companies from all around the world are trying their hands at making this smartphone even smarter. A similar successful attempt was made by the Sun & Moon Jewelry Studio. iPhone Pink Diamond is the successful byproduct Continue reading

Motorola PEBL Rose Bloom Cell Phone: For your sweetheart

Are you planning to give a unique and classy gift to your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day? Are you a bit confused about making a right selection from a multitude options? If yes, then reading the article further can be highly beneficial for you. With the increasing trend of luxurious and high class cell phones, every cell phone maker is trying to capture the luxury cell phone industry in their very own unique manners. Motorola has also made such an attempt to steal the show by launching the Motorola PEBL Rose Bloom. This cell phone is specially made for the female admirers of immaculate beauty. You can gift this all new Rose Bloom handset to your love of life on the coming day of love in order to make her realize how special she is.

The Motorola PEBL Rose Bloom is a small cutesy egg like clamshell cell phone, with a beautiful rose drawing on the up front centre of the flap cover. The rose drawing is the main Continue reading

More Diamond Phones! 17 carats!

The cell phone users being attracted by chic features is an event of past now. These days, cell phones have become gadgets for showcasing the high class opulence of a person, rather than being mere sources of communication. The need of cell phones as style enhancing gadgets has led to the birth of the luxury cell phone industry. With the growing demand of the luxury cell phones among the high class people, major fashion players and other big names are jumping into the industry. Ulysse Nardin is one such names in the world of big brands, which is now also associated with the luxury cell phone making. Mainly popular as watchmakers all around the globe, Ulysse Narding has come up with an all new and classy collection of luxury cell phones under the name of Chairman Collection.

Apart from all the other UN Cells opulent phones, the Ulysse Nardin Chairman Diamond and Black Edition is one of the top choices of the elite class people. The Diamond and Black Continue reading

Diamond Encrusted iPhone sold to Prince in Arabia

Just when you thought that you are the proud owner of the most advanced and luxurious cell phone, MJ Luxury Gifts stood up with its rarest of the smart phones, iPhone 4S Blue Diamond Rarest 2011 MJ Edition. Apple, being the leading innovator in the present day technological world, is one of the most sought after brands in the cell phone market. Apple, in itself, is a symbol of class for the people who are fond of immaculate beauty. MJ Luxury Gifts gave a stunning makeover to the signature product of Apple, iPhone 4S upon special request of a special person from Abu Dhabi. This makeover costed a whooping amount of $24 million. The main reason behind this increased cost was the use of rarest of the rare gems and precious stones.app-android

MJ Luxury Gifts is known to surpass the value of the tech toys and other items by making them highly luxurious. They are well known for turning something ordinary into something really exceptional with the help of their designing skills and creativity. Only a single copy of this smart phone was made by the luxury gifts maker and that too upon Continue reading