Diamond Encrusted iPhone sold to Prince in Arabia

Just when you thought that you are the proud owner of the most advanced and luxurious cell phone, MJ Luxury Gifts stood up with its rarest of the smart phones, iPhone 4S Blue Diamond Rarest 2011 MJ Edition. Apple, being the leading innovator in the present day technological world, is one of the most sought after brands in the cell phone market. Apple, in itself, is a symbol of class for the people who are fond of immaculate beauty. MJ Luxury Gifts gave a stunning makeover to the signature product of Apple, iPhone 4S upon special request of a special person from Abu Dhabi. This makeover costed a whooping amount of $24 million. The main reason behind this increased cost was the use of rarest of the rare gems and precious stones.app-android

MJ Luxury Gifts is known to surpass the value of the tech toys and other items by making them highly luxurious. They are well known for turning something ordinary into something really exceptional with the help of their designing skills and creativity. Only a single copy of this smart phone was made by the luxury gifts maker and that too upon the request of a rich spoilt brat from Abu Dhabi. This luxury cell phone costed millions to the VIP client and enhanced his luxury by more than millions amongst his counterparts and the fellow socialites.

MJ Luxury Gifts have adorned the iPhone 4S Blue Diamond Rarest 2011 MJ Edition with gold, platinum and is decorated with rarest diamond, the uniquely cut blue diamond, in the world. What makes this smart phone even more luxurious is the amazing back panel, made from ammolite. Ammolite is the most expensive and oldest possible organic gem to be found on earth. The age of Ammolite counts to even beyond 70 million years back. Moreover, the royal carrying box of the luxury cell phone is made out of mammoth ivory and is decorates with painite, which is also one of rarest mineral on the earth.

MJ Luxury Gifts has made changes only in the external appearance of the cell phone. The inner specs are kept default as available in the factory made Apple iPhone 4S. You can find some additional videos, photos and apps loaded inside the smart phone. Rest inner specs are kept intact as per the factory made iPhone.

So, if you are in pursuit of a luxury smart phone, then the iPhone 4S Blue Diamond Rarest 2011 MJ Edition is a perfect masterpiece for you.