iPhone 4S Pink Diamond

“Mobile phones”, the word itself is capable of saying it all. The present day people cannot imagine their lives without these handy gadgets. Cell phones have become such an indispensible part of the day to day lives that one cannot even think of living without them. Apart from being highly functional, cell phones also act as one of the main mediums of displaying the high class opulence. Blinged cell phones, which are viewed on You Tube often,  are the demand of the modern day rich world. iPhone 4S, which is seen as the most technologically advanced smartphone, is also a symbol of luxury for many. Blinging this handset can be one of the better ways to make it even luxurious.

A good number of companies from all around the world are trying their hands at making this smartphone even smarter. A similar successful attempt was made by the Sun & Moon Jewelry Studio. iPhone Pink Diamond is the successful byproduct of Sun & Moon, which is specially designed while keeping in mind the need and requirements of the rich class girls. This cell phone has been described as the core designer product of the Sun & Moon and is worth every penny spent in acquiring the same.

The casual Home key of the Apple iPhone 4S has been replaced with an amazingly cut large princess diamond. The metallic frame of the device features a special micropave technology. 850 amazingly cut diamonds are scattered all over the case, along with an 18 carat gold inlay. The weight of all the diamonds scattered on the cell phone is around 4.3 carats. The metal appears hidden under the beauty of the diamonds. The diamonds are beautifully cut by Belgian masters, laureates of a popular European Gem Cutting competition.

The rear panel of the cell phone is beautified by a velvety white wood essence and is adorned with some more app-applebeautiful rare pink diamonds. The apple symbol is specially designed from a gold metalloid, better known as Rubedo. The symbol is in turn crafted with the natural pew dawn sky color and is lighted by rays of the rising sun. This metalloid is an ideal combination of various alloys. The cell phone is set to be priced at $12,000 and you ought to plan your budget carefully for purchasing this classy handset.

So, if you are looking forward to purchase a new luxury cell phone for your girl, then this Sun & Moon’s iPhone 4S Pink Diamond is a perfect gadget for you.