More Diamond Phones! 17 carats!

The cell phone users being attracted by chic features is an event of past now. These days, cell phones have become gadgets for showcasing the high class opulence of a person, rather than being mere sources of communication. The need of cell phones as style enhancing gadgets has led to the birth of the luxury cell phone industry. With the growing demand of the luxury cell phones among the high class people, major fashion players and other big names are jumping into the industry. Ulysse Nardin is one such names in the world of big brands, which is now also associated with the luxury cell phone making. Mainly popular as watchmakers all around the globe, Ulysse Narding has come up with an all new and classy collection of luxury cell phones under the name of Chairman Collection.

Apart from all the other UN Cells opulent phones, the Ulysse Nardin Chairman Diamond and Black Edition is one of the top choices of the elite class people. The Diamond and Black Edition possess the mechanical intricacy as expected in addition to a 2.8 inch multi-touch screen, an amazing 5 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi support, e-mail browser and a biometric finger print locking and unlocking. For the first time in the entire cell phone industry, the Chairman cell phone feature a fully functional mechanical watch rotor, incorporated into the artistic design of the watch. The watch operates with the help of the power received from the force of the rotor. Moreover, the battery is charged by the kinetic energy of the rotor.

At present this amazing cell phone is at display at all the Ulysse Nardin watch outlets and only a 100 pieces of this spectacular handset each year will be made available for the rich class people. The price is not yet revealed by the company, but it will surely be worth the features and the classy appearance of the handset. This edition is known to be the most luxurious handset collection in comparison to all the other UN Cells handsets. This amazing phone is studded with a whooping count of 3000 round cut diamonds, totaling to around 17 carats.

The handset is also adorned by an amazing scratch proof screen made of sapphire glass. The rotor window is also made of the same glass in order to provide longevity to the phone. The cell phone also has ceramic inlayed keys in order to provide a special tactile feel.

So, if you wish to be a proud possessor of the Ulysse Nardin Chairman Diamond and Black Edition, then you should pre-order the same as soon as possible.